Refrigerator Fight

The following is a picture of someone's real fridge. I do like those pomegranates on the upper right corner but with the cat food can resting on it, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to eat them after all. I might only be able to use the eggs I see nestled between the leftovers and the package of raw meat (no!). I want to show you this picture first because I am positive that your fridge does not look this bad. So, when I show the next fridge, don't feel guilty, because you

Would you rather have this....or this....?

I am going to spend a few minutes here trying to convince you that you can change your preferences. Yes, the things you actually enjoy doing or consuming. I am 100% convinced that the experience of abstaining from something you think you can’t live without can change your preference over time. Soon you will think, “I didn’t need that as much as I thought”. Or, that the experience of adding something to your life that you think you hate, can change into something you love

Burrito Face-Off

Favorite Restaurant Burrito vs. Homemade Burrito Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to give you a real-life example of how to pack "nutrient-dense" rather than "nutrient-poor" food into your football game-plan. By the way, this is not make-believe. Its a true story from February 2, 2016! photo courtesy Chipotle, Inc photo courtesy Taste of Home In one day, I ate at Chipotle (TM) for lunch, and made homemade ground-turkey burritos for my family for