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In order to jump start your new life toward wellness and whole-food based eating and drinking, we are going to feed you only the finest foods prepared simply enough that the recipes can be duplicated at your home after you return from your retreat.  We will send you home with a full menu for a week similar to the foods that were prepared for you during your stay.  Several hours throughout the retreat week will also be devoted to cooking instruction in the kitchen so that you can learn some tips and tricks you may not already know in order to implement all that you will learn on your retreat.  However, if you are not interested in this portion of our retreat, we respect your right to use this instruction as relaxation and down time.  
The food science principles taught are largely influenced by the retreat organizer's masters degree certificate in Nutrition from Liberty Universtiy.  Most importantly, we will receive all the food eaten with thankfulness, as a gift from God.  
Click below for a sample menu for the week - get ready for a week away from fast, frozen, canned and processed food!





Pictured here are some recent Luminaries meals:  Cauliflower-crust chicken pizza, salads, salmon, and roasted vegetables.  Bill Ties is one of our guest chefs and is pictured above teaching a Mexican Chicken Soup recipe.

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