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Things to Bring/Know

1.  Residential retreat arrival is typically on Sunday afternoon/evening and programming begins Monday at 8:00 am. Check-out is typically Saturday or the option to stay until Sunday (limited programming on Saturday, people use that day as a rest/relaxation/packing day).  

2.  No smoking or pets on the property.  If you smoke, we encourage you to use this retreat as a jump-start to a new life.  It is hard to exercise well if you smoke.   If you smoke and want to come on a retreat please understand you will have to get in your car and leave the retreat house to do this.  Thank you for respecting our policy.

3.  You must pay in full 2 weeks before your retreat.  Cancellations prior to two weeks before lose the $200 deposit but no other fees will be assessed.  However, cancellations within two weeks of the retreat will also be assessed a $200 fine, in addition to losing your deposit.  You can talk to us about re-booking for a later retreat date and we are happy to do this for you, provided it works within our schedule.

4.  Please bring a helmet and a life jacket (if you are on a Spring - Fall retreat) if you have one - these are hard to supply because of the variety of sizes for both that people need.  Winter retreats please bring boots, gloves, hat, coat, etc for outdoor activities.

5.  We are currently only accepting retreat attendees of greater than 18 years of age.  We hope to open it up to families very soon, if interested in this, please contact us and let us know your ideas.  

6.  Bedding and towels are provided but please bring any personal items that will make your retreat more comfortable for you personally.

7.  If you own a kayak, canoe, fishing poles/gear or more importantly a bike (road, mountain, or fat-tire bike) please bring them as you will be more comfortable with your own items.  

8.  Please contact us with anything at all that we should know regarding food allergies, aversions or even preferences (vegetarian, etc).  We want your culinary experience to be c'est magnifique!

9.  Just to be clear, we are not giving you medical advice on the retreat.  To participate in strenuous exercise (or even moderate exercise if you are currently inactive) we recommend you have a check-up with your doctor prior to coming on our retreat.  We will make every effort to keep you safe and sound, however, this is not a medically supervised retreat.  If you have never exercised regularly, please be realistic about your participation in the exercise/activity portions of our retreat.  Your safety is paramount to us!  

10.  The retreat schedule is supervised/planned from approximately 8 am until 5 pm every day.  Please feel free to plan accordingly should you or your group want to do something special in the evenings.  Click here to view a sample schedule of what a day at Luminaries Retreats will be like.

11.  We absolutely prefer that everyone coming on our retreat brings a newer pair of athletic shoes.  You are going to be using your feet a lot and we do not want anyone getting injured.  Comfortable, modest, athletic apparel and swimming suits are also encouraged.  

12. We have the utmost confidence in the people we hire to lead all the fitness activities throughout the week.  You might be pushed beyond what you thought was possible for you to do - but in a safe, healthy, encouraging manner.  No one gets left behind or left out of fitness events - please keep communication open with us about what you're able or not able to do!

13.  It is very important that we maintain structural integrity of the trails we will be on.  The Woolly Mountain Bike Trail, the Gandy Dancer Trail, the Ice Age Trails, and the Interstate Parks have specific rules and regulations regarding when the trail should/shouldn't be used.  We will follow their regulations so we reserve the right to change a scheduled group activity if necessary because of trail condition (i.e. the mountain bike trail is closed because the ground is too soft/wet).  We will substitute with another outdoor activity if possible.  

14.  We are a fully licensed and insured business in the state of Wisconsin.  

Group Fitness Class at a recent Luminaries retreat
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