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In 2020 we will not be booking any residential retreats due to COVID19.

We will be relocating to Temecula, CA but the timeframe is undetermined, unfortunately. 

In the meantime, check out Amy & Jamey Sotis' new book The Quarantine-15.

Indoor & Outdoor Group Training


Cardiovascular training, strength training, and boot camp/body weight exercises will not be tedious and boring!  We are going to have fun increasing our fitness and it will build teamwork and encouragement in the group as we work together to accomplish our goals for the week.  


Do not worry, no matter what your fitness level, there will be modifications for every person - whether elite athlete or beginner!  We will strive to make sure every single individual gets exactly what they are looking for in their wellness retreat.  


Be prepared to try some new activites and yes, you will come home with new and interesting ideas on how to continue on your fitness journey after the retreat ends.

Group Biking, Running, & Hiking


The Gandy Dancer Trail is a place where we will bike, walk, and run (if you desire) as it is a quiet beautiful trail nestled amongst many trees.  Deer and other wildlife are often spotted along the trail!  This is not road-bike friendly so if bringing your own bike, it should be a gravel bike or a mountain bike.  


The Woolly Mountain Bike Trail is where we will try out fat-tire biking - summer, spring, winter, or fall, it doesn't matter as fat-tires go on it all!  


We will hike and walk along the famed Ice Age Trail and into Interstate Park on either the Wisconsin side or the Minnesota side.  Many of the beautiful photographs on this site were taken by JJS Photography at Interstate Park and along the St Croix River.  

Water Sports


We recongize that not every one enjoys water sports so we will have alternative ideas for those wishing not to participate in these for some reason.  However, the St Croix River and the abundance of lakes in our area make a great opportunity for kayaking and canoeing.  This will also break up the activites that are "leg heavy" and give you a chance to rest your lower extremties.  


If interested, please bring your own fishing poles and supplies as these will not be provided but lake access is possible (please communicate if this is a retreat preference for you and/or your group).  Fishing will be an activity for free time, not a structured group event. 

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