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Nutrition principles of whole-food, hand-prepared, vitamin-rich nourishment.  No fad diets.  No diets at all.  Just a delicious, satisfying, life-long way to eat and drink.

Philosophy of Wellness


You are going to move your body in at least one way you never have before.  No sedentary days here. Enjoy the activities the St Croix River Valley has to offer and get fit surrounded by beauty.


If you can live this way for a few days, you will see that it is possible for you to live this way always.  Experience sore muscles, exhilaration, and joy.  Its possible.  We believe in you.


Your body is the home for your soul or spiritual person.  God has created you to know Him and His Word.  We will probe the sources of why we run to food to satisfy us instead of Him.

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