• Amy Sotis

Burrito Face-Off

Favorite Restaurant Burrito vs. Homemade Burrito

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to give you a real-life example of how to pack "nutrient-dense" rather than "nutrient-poor" food into your football game-plan. By the way, this is not make-believe. Its a true story from February 2, 2016!

photo courtesy Chipotle, Inc

photo courtesy Taste of Home

In one day, I ate at Chipotle (TM) for lunch, and made homemade ground-turkey burritos for my family for dinner. The information contained herein is NOT hypothetical - this is exactly what I ate in the same day with close-to-actual figures for calories, macronutrients, and cost. And, if its okay to say so, I think my homemade burrito tasted

similar to the one at the restaurant. The Chipotle burrito was in a large flour tortilla and used Carnitas (pork meat). Both burritos had a tortilla, meat, cheese, guac, fresh corn kernels, veggies, and salsa.

You tell me? Which is the better choice? PS. We still love an occasional Chipotle!

Swaps I made

  1. Whole-grain, high-fiber tortilla

  2. Plain Greek yogurt for sour cream

  3. Fresh veggies (red pepper, onion) for rice.

  4. Ground turkey for Carnitas meat

  5. Slightly smaller portion overall (but our homemade was still “big”)

  6. Non-msg, non-packaged seasonings used in the meat such as onion powder, garlic, cumin, hot sauce, pink sea salt, lime juice, cilantro

Restaurant Burrito

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving

Calories 1380 Cal from Fat 636

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 69g 106 %