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Residential (live-in) Weight Loss 

1 - 8 Week Retreats

All-Inclusive Price Per Week:


  • 1 Week Stay: $1200 per week

  • 2 - 3 Week Stay: $1100 per week

  • 4 - 8 week stay: $1000 per week

  • Personalized attention and training

  • We can help you achieve your goals!

  • Group support and interaction

  • 25% discount per person if coming with someone and sharing an apartment

  • Small-tourist town - beautiful scenery 

  • Contact us if you'd like to speak to a past residential weight loss guest or for questions about our program

  • Book your retreat with a $200 deposit - payment in full due 2 weeks before retreat start date.

  • 1 Bedroom private apartment for lodging 

Benefits of Following the Luminaries Plan

  • The meals are all made with unprocessed, weight-loss friendly foods with minimal to no added sugars, refined vegetable oils, fried foods, or trans fats.

  • This is not a low-carb diet, although it is lower in carbs than a SAD (Standard American Diet). It is rather a moderate-carb, high-protein diet.  "Good fats" are under-utilized in nutrition today and we incorporate delicious meals with nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and olive oil, and yes, even butter.  Don't be afraid of fat.  Fat doesn't make you fat - excess sugar/calories do. 

  • The meals are based on vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, berries, some healthy grains and legumes, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and healthy dairy products, etc.

  • We don’t include many rare ingredients, and you don’t need to buy everything organic.

  • You are also guaranteed to save money by wasting less food and not making as many last-minute choices to eat out.  Additionally, the healthcare costs associated with conditions related to obesity are astronomical.

  • The spiritual and soul-care element is what makes Luminaries unique among many residential programs.  We help participants get to the bottom of the "whys" associated with weight gain or cravings for junk food.

  • Groceries for 3 meals and snacks per day (cooking demo most days of the week).  40 hours a week...reclaiming health and wellness will be your full-time job while you're here.  If you're staying in the Artist's Loft or the Peacock Loft, you will have a guest chef in your loft several times per week doing the lunch cooking demos.  We eat together as a group (usually 4-7 people) on Mondays - Fridays for lunch.  


  • Personalized Wellness/Health Coaching from a Christian perspective (optional Bible instruction and devotional time to aid in helping you achieve your particular goals).  Way more than "just another Fat Camp".  We approach weight loss from a holistic perspective that covers every area of life.


  • Nutrition & Weight Loss seminars by our nutritionist Amy Sotis & other staff made up of physicians, nutritionists, wellness coaches, personal trainers, and more.


  • Daily Fitness Classes/Outdoor Recreation with certified fitness professionals. Weekly one-on-one work-outs with a Personal Trainer


  • Body Composition Analysis (BIA)


  • Grocery Shopping Trip & Analysis of Food Habits


  • Weight Loss Testimonials in Group Setting for Encouragement


  • Motivational Principles of Faith and Prayer to Help you Achieve your Goals


  • Take-home Meal Plan to Implement Once you Return Home.  Follow-up e-mails/texts by staff.

  • Lose weight: The recipes are based on unprocessed and weight loss friendly foods. If you need to lose weight, then you can expect to lose weight naturally.

  • Exercise:  You will see gains in cardiovascular fitness, muscle gain, flexibility, and outdoor activity engagement.

  • Smaller belly: Many of these foods can cause significant reductions in belly fat, which is the most harmful fat in the body.

  • Improve health: These foods are almost guaranteed to boost your metabolic health and lower your risk of disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Better digestion: These foods are rich in fiber and many of them naturally contain probiotics. Get improved digestion eating these meals.

  • Freedom from addiction: Last but not least, the food is delicious, will improve your quality of life, and will set you free from sugar or food addiction!

What some guests are saying....


"I can’t say enough good things about Amy Sotis and Luminaries Retreat. For those of you who haven’t read her blog posts, Amy’s basic belief is that God has designed our physical bodies to house our spirits and our souls; treating our bodies with respect—by feeding them with nutrient-dense, delicious foods and strengthening them with exercise—is both honoring to God and a reflection of his love for us. Neglecting our bodies robs us of the vigor we need to be able to live our lives wholly and prevents us from serving God and others in the way we were created to serve. 

How you treat yourself spiritually and physically is up to you, and any weight loss program can only do so much. Nevertheless, Luminaries Retreat provides a structure that makes success probable, so it’s a great place to start or renew a healthy lifestyle. Amy buys nourishing foods and brings kind, thoughtful people in to cook them! She schedules gym time, outdoor exercise, and a huge variety of ways to get moving so that everyone can find something they love to do. She teaches lessons based on sound Biblical truth and nutritional coaching. If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle, the structure of Luminaries Retreat is a perfect place to start. 

All of the staff and volunteers that Amy brings in to work with guests are united in one thing: unqualified encouragement. From the volunteers who cook to the doctor who teaches seminars from a medical perspective to the guest speakers, workout friends and fitness trainers, not once was I made to feel ashamed for how I looked or how out of shape I had let myself become. Everyone had this sensible attitude of, “You’re here, so let’s do it!” that made me feel welcome and able to do it. 

I spent seven weeks at Luminaries. That may have been a little overkill, but a week or two would not have been enough for me. I would encourage you to book as much time as you can afford. The longer I was there, the better I felt and the more it seemed as though I could make this lifestyle permanent. I began the program weighing over 300 pounds, so the 20 or so pounds I lost on retreat didn’t represent a huge percentage of my total goal. However, the scale isn't the only focus of the retreat. The improvements in my energy level and the lack of pain in my back are proof positive that our bodies can turn themselves around very quickly when we start treating them right. If you are discouraged because your bad choices have left you feeling sluggish, sick, weak, or even spiritually dead, there is hope!"       January 2018

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