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Workshop series kick-off Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 9:15 am!  This month-long program includes both personal training and nutrition coaching to change your lifestyle forever.  Don't we all want to increase health and wellness and weight loss for the long-term?  No more fad diets and temporary gym membership bursts.  

Located at the Luminaries Retreat building at 123 S. Washington St. St Croix Falls, WI 54024.  This registers you for the whole month of seminars, group training and fit plan by personal trainer Steve Hamlin.  One-on-one nutrition coaching and accountability provided by nutritionist Amy Sotis and other Luminaries staff.  Learn how to improve your fitness for you personally, wherever you are at presently in a non-threatening yet challeging environment.  You will also be challenged and supported in a sugar detox and receive a long-term, sustainable nutrition plan to be healthy for your life.  Its like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist at your disposal for an entire month!


Receive $50 back at the end of the program if you have attended all the sessions.  Additional weekday evening events planned as well on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.


To receive the $50 credit you will need to attend the 4 Saturday sesssions (9:15 - 11:30 am) and the 4 Wednesday evening sessions (7:00 - 8:00 pm).  This is a robust program and includes the following:


What you get…

4 Fitness Planning & Training Workshops

4 Nutrition Planning & Training Workshops

4 Open Workshop Nights for Q&A with the Workshop Instructors

Wellness & Nutrition Plan binder for take-home use

Delicious food and beverage options during the Saturday sessions


What you’ll learn and do…


Fitness Planning & Training Workshops by Steve Hamlin:

1. Fit a weekly fitness plan around your schedule.

2. Get started with cardio training, what type of cardio to do and how to progress.

3. Get started with core and resistance training, what type of exercises to do and how to progress.

4. Practice various exercises and various alternatives to fit your needs.


Nutrition Seminars by Amy Sotis:

1. Macro and Micronutrients (Nutrition Fundamentals)

2. Practical Weight Loss:  Effective, Sustainable, Lifetime

3. Sugar Detox

4. Nutrition for Athletic Improvement and Fitness


This won’t be just a presentation folks… You’ll learn and actually build out a weekly exercise routine during these workshops and learn how to progress the routine to keep you interested and avoid plateau. If you keep telling yourself you need to get active or "do more" this is a place in a friendly and personalized environment to do it.  Athletic people who want to take it to the next level are also going to be given personalized attention and a separate seminar on nutrition for athletes will be offered to maximize performance and trim up for the upcoming season in a safe way.  


You will also be given a wellness binder of information and recipes for your nutrition plan.  We have a lot of fun in these challenges and for those of you who thrive on competition we will also do an optional weigh-in and have a prize for the most weight lost at the end of the challenge.  


Get Fit <--> Eat Right January Program

$189.00 Regular Price
$129.00Sale Price
  • This fee covers entry to all seminars on the schedule given to you by Luminaries - you may come to as many or as few in the period of time. No refunds.  Thank you. 


    Please consult your physician before embarking on any health and wellness changes.  The advice given at Luminaries Retreat does not substitute for your regular medical care.  

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