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Luminaries Retreat = "Fat Farm" ??

I want to start by saying that my experience with Luminaries Retreat was a totally awesome experience! It completely exceeded every possible expectation I had.

I'm a Flight Attendant, and the job has taken its toll on my health over the years. I realized this summer that I needed a whole lifestyle change, but with 8 hour layovers, very long airplane days, no crew meals provided by the company, eating airplane snacks when food from home ran out, or International Customs prohibiting vegetables and fruits, it made my resolutions even more challenging.

Centura on her St Croix River kayak trip which was approximately 3 hours in duration because of a stronger-than-usual current upstream.

In my mind, I needed a "Fat Farm".

I had remembered that when I was a little girl my grandmother told me the story of when her sister (my Great Aunt) became very overweight her husband went to extreme measures and decided to send her to a "Fat Farm" in Vermont. She would be "incarcerated" for a month. If she didn't loose weight, the company would not charge the guests.

Well, the story goes that my Great Aunt invited a friend and off to the Fat Farm in Vermont they went.

It was brutally strict, they were hungry, and after a week they were dreaming of a local Diner that they could see out their window. Like escaping convicts, they tied their sheets together and made the escape to the Diner and devoured everything! After their hearty meal, they climbed up the sheets back into their Fat Farm room. The next day - same routine. Next day, and the next day...

At the end of their stay, they had GAINED 2 lbs, and per the policy, they didn't have to pay for their stay.

The next year came, and the same routine happened until the starving residents became suspicious and turned them in.

They called their husbands to pick them up because they got kicked out. Sadly, they both died in their 60's. The way I found Luminaries Retreat was actually by Googling "Fat Farm" and their website came up. However, Amy was sure to mention that Luminaries Retreat is most definitely NOT a "Fat Farm" and was surprised to find out this is how I heard of Luminaries!

And by the way, to be clear, I did NOT starve! I ate wonderful meals. Fresh, homemade, mostly organic and all impressive.

Many of the Luminaries recipes I can make at home and take on my trips avoiding that bakery cheese pastry that I usually grab on the way to my gate. On our 5 day retreat, we had cooking demos/instruction, three meals and day and snacks, and were given a binder with all of the recipes to take home.

St Croix Falls, WI is a beautiful town with beautiful people supporting each other to keep fit and healthy.

The activities were so much fun, it wasn't hardly like exercising at all. We biked, hiked, and kayaked in the great outdoors plus had fitness classes by certified trainers. To top it off, Amy gifted us with a detox lemon grass bath salt that was miraculous.

I'm back on the same old airplane today, but I have a new beginning for a healthier routine.

I am forever grateful.

And I will be back in November!

Here is a link to a photo book I made from my experience at Luminaries Retreat:

With love and Appreciation, Centura Churchill

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