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1 Month of Services with Nutritionist Amy Sotis include
•NUTRITION HISTORY AND ANALYSIS: You will complete a 2 to 4 day food record & nutrition history form & it will be the basis to determine, with you, your nutrition/health/wellness/fitness goals.
•GOAL SETTING: Determine realistic, measurable and achievable goals.
•NUTRITION PLAN: This will be tailored to your own preferences and desires to make it manageable for you to accomplish. Meal plan, nutrition specifics, and recipe ideas.
•FITNESS PLAN: Again, tailored to your own preferences and abilities/desires.
•ACCOUNTABILITY AND FOLLOW UP MEETINGS (phone or in person if desired, option for grocery store trip): 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month
•PHONE CALLS/TEXTS/E-MAIL WELLNESS COACHING AS NEEDED. Flexibility on evening meetings/location.

We strongly recommend adult clients looking for weight loss to have a BIA (body fat %) analysis done for an additional $50 for 2 times - once at the beginning of our sessions and the end

Individualized Wellness Coaching Services

  • You may use this item in check-out to pay for services already rendered (you have received an invoice) OR to sign up for new services or continue services.  We will contact you with setting up for your appointments.  Thank you!

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