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Payment for an 8 week residential weight loss retreat, all-inclusive, except transportation, staying at the Luminaries Retreat building.  Dates pre-approved payment with Amy Sotis in terms specified in communication off-line.  

8 Week Residential Retreat

  • This is a non-refundable payment, however, it can be applied to any of our retreats - custom or a scheduled group retreat in the next 12 months should your stay not work out with your exact date preference, provided your reschedule is not less than 10 days before retreat start date.  Thanks for understanding!

  • We want you to get the most out of your Luminaries Retreat experience, so please feel free to let us know any special concerns/desires/preferences you may have so we can better serve you.  Also, if you have physical fitness concerns about embarking on a new exercise class/program, please consult your doctor beforehand.  Thank you!

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