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This deposit will book a custom retreat date of 1 week or longer at the Luminaries Building in St Croix Falls, WI. Work with Amy Sotis to schedule your date and arrange your specific final price based on your length of stay and lodging preference.   This is our residential live-in program for intensive weight loss or a full re-boot of your lifestyle choices leading to health.  You have personalized nutrition coaching, seminars, body composition analysis, support group meetings, cooking classes, personal training sessions and a unique "Fit Plan" developed just for you by your trainer at the gym, gym membership (off-site), food/groceries and recipes, outdoor excursions and recreation, lodging, relationship building activities, follow-up after you return home to succeed for the long term.


Our residential, live-in program for weight loss is an all-inclusive price of $1200/week for 1 week; $1100/week for 2-3 weeks; $1000/week for 3-8 weeks.  This is our full program price (food, lodging, seminars, coaching, body analysis, exercise classes, outdoor activities) but does not include transportation to the retreat.  Fly in to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN airport (MSP).  If flying, car rental is recommended for getting around St Croix Falls to your various appointments throughout the week that are off-site (no public transportation options in our town).  


25% discount for all participants if you come with someone(s) and you share an apartment.  


We have 3 apartments at the Luminaries Building for you to choose from: The Artist's Loft, The Peacock Loft, and the Copper Room. The Artist's Loft and Peacock Loft can sleep 4 each, and the Copper Room can sleep 2 (the bedroom of each option is pictured above). Discount for lodging in the Copper Room due to it being a studio apartment loft and smaller in size than Artist's Loft or Peacock Loft.

Residential Custom Retreat Deposit

  • This is a non-refundable deposit, however, it can be applied to any of our retreats - custom or a scheduled group retreat in the next 12 months should a custom week-long stay not work out with your exact date preference.  Thanks for understanding!

  • We want you to get the most out of your Luminaries Retreat experience, so please feel free to let us know any special concerns/desires/preferences you may have so we can better serve you.  Also, if you have physical fitness concerns about embarking on a new exercise class/program, please consult your doctor beforehand.  Thank you!

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