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The Ultimate New Year's Resolution

We've all done it. We've all uttered the words. We've all made the commitment. We've all broken the commitment.

This January Luminaries Retreat will be hosting a month-long, intensive, residential weight-loss program at the Luminaries Building in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Make a commitment to come and change your life forever. Forget broken commitments.

3 fully-furnished luxury apartments are ready to house you for a week or even the entire month to jump-start your wellness and health goals.

The only thing wrong with this picture is the lack of snow that will inevitably be around in January! Embrace your snowboots!

This is the what the program will look like:

Monday through Friday:

Morning work-out at a local gym with certified fitness personnel in group fitness classes. Cycling/Spin, Bootcamp, Strength/Stretch, and Zumba are all options.

Prepare lunch and "learn to cook healthy" sessions with Amy and other guest cooks.

Afternoon: Seminars on macronutrients, micronutrients, building muscle, exercise, weight loss, metabolism, supplements, acid/alkaline, budget healthy cooking, sugar detox, spiritual principles from the Bible to help you achieve your goals, and many, many more topics.

A weather-permitting outdoor activity several days per week such as fat-tire snow biking, snow-shoeing, hiking, or even cross-country skiing, if desired.

We prep dinner together, provide the recipe and ingredients and let you experiment in the kitchen. This is an extremely effective method to teach you how to cook in order to lose weight or sustain nutrition in the long-term. We tailor your specific menu preferences to you. Carefully planned menu by our nutritionist, Amy.

Saturdays and Sundays are "off days" for you to practice what you've learned throughout the week and explore the beautiful town and surrounding St Croix River Valley.

Throughout some evenings and some weekends there will be local community guest classes and weight loss/health testimonials by those who have reached significant goals.

The Luminaries Lounge

The all-inclusive, residential, weekly price is $1000 but there is a significant multiple-week discount of 20% if you come for all four weeks. Come from between 1 and 4 weeks. Start date is January 2nd and end date is January 31st. Because of the personalized attention and lodging options, space is very limited. We have one individual signed up for the whole month and have room for only a couple more. The residential, all-inclusive price includes lodging, classes, seminars, print materials, a meal plan, wellness coaching, BIA analysis (body fat/muscle composition), groceries to prepare meals, and all scheduled outdoor activity costs. Transportation to the Luminaries Retreat building in St Croix Falls is not included. Fly in to Minneapolis/St Paul and renting a car, or drive to St Croix Falls.

However, for Minneapolis/St Paul or local individuals, we will be offering a class schedule of events for you to join in on. If you'd like to be a part of the program and pay small fee but don't require lodging, food, etc we would be happy to talk to you about this. The "basic" option for locals/in-towners would be to enroll in the month program for $99 and you will have a month of nutrition classes (3-4 per week - you can come to all or as few as you'd like), you will have a weigh-in, accountability, menu plan, and even some group exercise options included. Yes, there will be prizes as well. Send Amy a note at if interested in any of our program options this January.

Inside of one of the Luminaries apartments where your lodging is

Post-holiday slump can easily take hold and this year we want to help you by not just offering you a "diet plan" to lose those holiday pounds, but rather, we will give you the tools to succeed - long-term - in losing and keeping off weight. Perhaps, even, weight loss is not necessary for you but you want to obtain cardiovascular fitness or build muscle rather than lose it as we age. Perhaps you are healthy but want to learn nutrition and cooking skills that you can apply to your everyday life for vitality and longevity. Whatever your goals, we are available to help you achieve them.

Our retreat is at a truly unique, beautiful, historic building right on main street in a cute, touristy northern Wisconsin town located near parks, the river, and many ski/bike trails.

Burn calories, lose weight, change your muscle composition all in a safe, supportive, fun, relaxing environment. We're not about making you starve or work-out to death. We're all about giving you the tools to succeed in this area of your life. No shaming here!

We would love to provide a spark of wellness for you this January!

Contact us for more information or to speak to Amy Sotis, owner, directly, call 763-245-7221.

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