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Retreat Recap & Luminaries Testimonials

Re-Live the Retreat!

This past weekend Luminaries provided a spark for 35 men and women (and a few youth) to learn, listen, exercise, eat, drink, set goals and cook for wellness.

Beautiful Day, Beautiful People, Beautiful Commitments

"The entire day was filled with awesome topics, group speakers and exercises. The lunch and snacks that were provided were delicious and so nutritional. I admire Amy's ability to stay organized and to be able to stay on task...Cheers to being healthy and the new goals I now have in place" D.M.

"New day. New resolve. Anyone else starting their day off with probiotic-filled, nutrient dense shake?! Thanks for inspiring Amy Sotis! ‪#‎nevertoolatetostart‬" J.S.

Guest Speaker Tracy Peterson discusses her horrific car crash and the ensuing years of recovery and her road to health and fitness

"As a 12 year old boy, I was able to take away very useful information about the human body and what types of food are good for you and bad for you. I also learned great information about exercise and muscle building. Mrs Sotis presented the information in a way that I was able to understand and later explain to my mom. I really enjoyed myself and strongly encourage other kids and families to attend one of Mrs. Sotis's retreats." D.O.

"Stopped at Walmart on my way home and bought Kefir and lots of veggies...I'm committed to my goal! Thank you for inspiring me to get healthy and honor God by taking care of His temple!" C.W.

Certified Fitness Instructor Linda Shober leading one group in a high-intensity "Insantiy" (TM Beach Body) workout during the retreat

"Hearing the tesimonies was very inspiring and is motivating me to do something"

"There was a really fun atmosphere and just because we are doing something 'healthy' doesn't mean it can't be exciting (and delicious) too. The game time was fun."

Certified Fitness Instructor Anne Sinclear-Prokop leading another group in a low-intensity Pilates/yoga style workout during the retreat

Amy Sotis, Nutritionist, taught 6 sessions: "Intro to Luminaries, Nutrition 101, Cooking, Weight Loss, What the Bible has to say about Food, and Exercise/Fitness.

There were also 5 guest health testimony speakers at the end of each seminar session. Thank you to all the guest speakers! Also to the volunteer kitchen staff who dazzled us with steak fajitas, delicious parfaits, and green drinks galore!

Walking is a great form of exercise for anyone and several of our retreat participants enjoyed the beautiful day with a "walk with the Doc".

Making commitments to treat our bodies with respect is a big part of Luminaries Retreat. Participants are encouraged to make weight loss, strength, fitness, healthy eating, and cooking goals.

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