• Amy Sotis

Run. Hike. Plank. Ski. Wrestle. Swim. Climb. Jump. Skate. Are you tired yet?

Overcoming inertia toward a couch and moving your body daily may seem like a given to you OR it may seem like an impossible task. I have no idea where you are coming from, but I'm aiming to provide a spark toward getting you more active this spring/summer. The following is a list of actual activities myself, my husband, or one of my three sons have done in the past couple of years. Whether you have a lot of energy or a little, I promise that you'll be tired by the time you finish this list! No one needs to be reminded that exercise is an integral part of your health - its just a matter of finding things you actually enjoy doing. If you feel that exercise is a burden, you won't be in it for the long-haul with consistency. Enlist your family members or go by yourself - find what you love to do by trying something new! Parents and kids can exercise and be active together. Patiently ignore the naysayers and keep your attitude positive and the kids just might follow in your footsteps. If you act like its normal to do push-ups at the playground instead of sitting on the bench looking at your phone, then your kids will too!

Here are 80 ideas for you to consider...

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Hiking at Interstate Park

Biking with Friends

Planking Challenges

(who can hold the plank position the longest)


Skate Parks


"Drop Down and Give Me 20"

Random Indoor Pushups


Hula Hooping



Road Biking