Update on 2020 Retreats

Dear past & future Luminaries guests,

We were all set to buy a new retreat building in Temecula, CA but the COVID19 pandemic caused our situation to change and we were unable to buy that particular building.  Unfortunately, we are not going to be doing retreats yet in 2020 as the tourism and travel industries have been decimated by the pandemic as well.  As of right now, the biggest update is that instead of doing retreats to "provide a spark toward wellness", I am writing a nutrition and wellness non-fiction book called Quarantine 15.  It will be educated based and a lot of the principles we teach at Luminaries Retreat will be in written form.  Check out the website www.q15book.com for updates on when that will be available.  I am so sad to not be opening in 2020 at our new location but this has been a good outlet during quarantine for me to think health.  


Just a quick note of immense gratitude for our St Croix Falls staff who have faithfully served these years we've been in business.  It has been wonderful to work with you all!  Our know our guests have all benefited from amazing people who we will miss when we relocate.  Thank you, staff and guests for all the love you've shown and the amazing memories as well.  

Looking Toward the Future

When we decide to relocate, we will send an e-mail to all interested parties who have contacted us through our website.  We hope to book our first guests in our new location in the winter of 2021.  In the meantime,  check out our blog for stories of Luminaries and their experiences as well as helpful past blogs with nutrition and wellness info.  


With gratitude for the past and hope for the future,


Amy Sotis

Founder, Luminaries Retreats, LLC

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