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Weight Loss/Wellness:
What are your goals?

This is a retreat unlike any you've ever been to!  We're going to have a lot of fun enjoying the beautiful St Croix River Valley, just across the border from Taylors Falls, MN - a 1 hour drive from the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Retreats are for all people regardless of current fitness level.  Are you ready to lose weight, get fit, learn nutrition, and have a blast doing it in a supportive, safe environment?  We welcome everyone.  No one will be left behind in exercise events.


We will work with you or your group's individual preferences so you feel relaxed and rejuvinated at the end of their retreat, rather than tired and sore!

We offer residential weight loss of 1 - 8 weeks, group or individual retreats of any duration, personal wellness and nutrition coaching with Amy Sotis, or 1 Day Church/Business Wellness events

Gourmet meals based on nutrition science -
Hand-prepared & tailored to individudals

We base our eating program on science, utilizing whole-food, nutrient-dense meals.  We will also teach you how to cook some of these delicious, healthy meals in your own home when the retreat is over, with a full 1 week meal plan.  At the retreat, 3 full meals a day, plus snacks will mean that you are properly fueled for all the activities we have planned.  We will accommodate any dietary requirements (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc). 


Our general dietary plan is ripe with non-processed, real foods based on a balance of macronutrients (proteins, good fats, and lower-glycemic index carbohydrates).

All inclusive means:  

  • Lodging at our historic downtown building in the Saint Croix River Valley, Wisconsin

  • Whole-food, hand-prepared 3 nutritious meals a day and snacks/drinks tailored to your specifications

  • Activities such as mountain biking, kayaking on the St Croix River, canoeing, trail running, hiking, and group fitness classes led by certified personal trainers or group fitness instructors.

  • Seminars on nutrition, fitness, wellness teaching from a scientific & Biblical perspective.  Learn how to achieve weight loss, build muscle, and regulate your metabolism.  No fads.

  • Group lodging in a quiet, peaceful, relaxing woodsy setting.  

  • Transportation to all activities and all rental equipment included




Whatever your personal health goals, we want to provide the spark you need to accomplish them.  A few days away in a private, safe, relaxing yet enthusiastic setting can re-orientate your priorities...or perhaps you need a month here.  We give you a dedicated, unique experience leading to weight loss, cardiovascular training, cooking skills with nutritious whole foods, and many hours of science-based seminars.  We focus on the whole person and address physical needs as well as spiritual needs from a Biblical perspective.  We give follow-up when necessary and provide you with a vacation that is none like you've ever been on.  Come by yourself, bring a friend, or arrange for a whole group - we welcome the opportunity to share our vision of wellness with you!  If you are local to the St Croix River Valley, Luminaries Retreat also offers one-on-one nutrition and weight loss meetings. 


Amy Sotis, owner


Real Change.  Real Testimonies.  Real Personal. 
Real Food.  Real Nutrition.  Real Photos.  (No stock photography!)
Real Life.  Real People. Real Journeys.

Link to a recent podcast interview Amy did with Troy Ismir of Divine Wellness Academy:

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